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Tahoe Road Trip

We drove up to the Tahoe City Library this morning for an 11:00 show. In addition to our usual gear we brought along Jason’s son Milo as our Roadie.

After he carted in gear and set up mics and speakers we started the show.

After a quick tear-down we were on the road again. This time we were going right up the road to the King’s Beach Library for a 1:00 show. When we got there we were asked if we’d mind performing our show outside. Playing outside in a place as beautiful as Tahoe is barely a question. So we set up and rocked the neighborhood.

After the show some really sweet kids gave us coupons for free smoothies at the Java Hut. Even if it wasn’t free and right across the street from the library we never say no to fruit smoothies.

And what trip to Tahoe would be complete with out jumping in the lake for a swim?

Unless you’re the kind of robot that would rather sleep in the shade.

Thanks much to the Tahoe City and Kings Beach Libraries for having us up for the day, we can’t wait to come back!


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