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Going There Someday

Our first album had a song called Going There Someday that we wanted to make a music video for. The song was about preparing to go to space, and since we lacked the funds to pull off shooting the thing in space, Jason 2.0 set to work building a rocket bike out of some old cardboard boxes.


Milo Adair shot the whole thing from the back of ScottBot’s truck in an afternoon and then we shot the dance sequence and ScottBot’s close-ups that evening. The plan was to edit the whole thing over the weekend then post it the following Monday. This was a solid plan, until disaster struck! Due to an overloaded hard drive on an old computer, the video was lost.

After that, it was kind of forgotten until last week when we were recording the new album and the guys asked what the heck happened to the footage. Fortunately, since it was shot on a camera that doesn’t get a lot of use, it was all still there.

So, after a couple hours of editing and finger crossing, the video below was finished and uploaded to youtube where you can see it RIGHT NOW!


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