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Look out Stumptown!


We just booked a week of shows up in Portland at the end of June! We’ll be doing our part to “Keep Portland Weird” between June 23rd an 27th at four different libraries in the area.
Here are the dates and times:
6/23 – 2pm Capitol Hill Library
6/24 – 1pm Woodstock Library
6/25 – 12pm Sellwood-Moreland Meeting Room
6/27 – 11am Hollywood Library

As you can see, we have no shows on the 26th, and plenty of time for second shows on all the other days. We’re trying to book some preschool, bookstore, and record store shows. If you Portland folks have any ideas of great places to play, let us know. Thanks!
Also, if someone could let us know why Portland is called “Stumptown” that would be great.

One comment on “Look out Stumptown!

  1. Rebecca
    April 17, 2015

    I don’t live in Portland, but I know some places. Powell’s City of Books and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry are AWESOME. Even if you just go to look. I haven’t been to OMSI in years, but they seemed to have lots of outdoor space. Powell’s has a cafe, too. Have fun, guys!

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