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Uke Workshops

Musical Robot’s interaction with kids doesn’t stop with high jinx! Scottbot and Jason 2.0 have been teaching through Art and Music for many long years.

Jason’s interactive museum exhibits and Nature Center puppet shows have engaged and educated a wide range, and Scott has literally been a music teacher for almost 20 years. Parents of their students delight at how they stoke the fires of interest. And many of their students have gone on to levels of achievement well beyond the fun that sparks the flame.

Their combination of enthusiasm and instructional chops make Ukulele workshops a natural hit. Even completely inexperienced beginners can learn the basics fast enough to be making music in minutes. Learning a song or two, and performing it with new found skill gives kids confidence and opens up a world of opportunities. Given that the ukulele almost plays itself, all a child needs is an educated nudge in the right direction.

The upcoming publication of their Ukulele instruction book satisfies both the state standards for music instruction and the crucial need for parents and their kids to find something fun and fulfilling to do together! 


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