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Show Dates!


May 20, 10:00am Sacramento Children’s Museum

May 27, 10:15am Berkeley Library West Branch

June 3, 11:00am Pleasanton Library

June 3, 2:00pm San Lorenzo Library

June 8, 10:30pm Walnut Grove Library

June 8, 1:30pm Esparto Library

June 10, 1:30pm Woodland Library

June 14, 2:00pm Ripon Library

June 15, 4:00pm Larkspur Library

June 24, 3:00pm Monterey Library

July 5, 10:00am Whispering Pines Day Camp

July 5, 11:30am Hilltop Park Playground

July 5, 1:30pm Carmel Library

July 8, 11:30pm Lodi Library

July 12, 1:00pm San Anselmo Library

July 12 3:00pm Mill Valley Library

July 13, 10:00am Auburn Library

July 14, 11:30am Crocker Museum

July 20, 11:00am Belvedere Tiburon Library

July 20, 3:30pm Stockton Library

July 22, 11:00pm Linden Library

July 22, 1:30pm Escalon Library

July 25, 7:00pm Benicia Library

July 26, 3:30pm Berkley Library North Branch

July 27, 2:30 Mountain View Library

August 1, 3:30pm Susalito Library

August 2, 10:30am Courtland Library

August 4, 11:00am Grass Valley Library

August 12, 2:00pm Cooledge Library

August 16, 11:00am Lafayette Community Center

November 4, 6:00pm Novato Parks and Rec



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