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Show Dates!

All shows are FREE unless otherwise noted

June 9 2:00pm Southgate Library

June 16 1:00pm Fair Oaks Library

June 21 9:30 Auburn Library

June 28 11:00am Mountain House Library

June 28 4:00pm Tracy Library

July 5 11:00am Belvedere-Tiburon Library

July 7 time 2:00pm Applegate Library

July 11 9:30 & 10:45 Napa Main Library

July 11 2:00pm Yountville Community Center

July 12 10:00am Calistoga Sharpteen Museum

July 12 2:00 & 3:15 American Canyon Library

July 17 11:00am Placerville Library

July 19 4:00 pm Westin Ranch Library

July 19 6:00pm Margaret Troke Library

July 24 11:00am Tahoe City Library

July 26 1:00pm Cameron Park Library

August 1 Casper WY

August 2 Casper WY

August 3 Casper WY




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